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Ox - Shoeing
... Karel Dujardin, 1622–1678 A Smith Shoeing an Ox Working oxen usually require shoes, although in England not all working oxen were shod ... In England, shoeing was accomplished by throwing the ox to the ground and lashing all four feet to a heavy wooden tripod until the shoeing was complete ... In Italy, where oxen may be very large, shoeing is accomplished using a massive framework of beams in which the animal can be partly or completely lifted from the ground by slings passed under ...
Navicular Disease - Treatment and Prognosis For Navicular Syndrome - Hoof Care
... Corrective shoeing can be beneficial to horses suffering from navicular disease, although sometimes the effects are only temporary ... People who choose to treat navicular disease through shoeing will sometimes use a shoe designed to lift and support the heels ... Early intervention is key in one study, shoeing was successful in 97% of horses treated within ten months of the onset of signs, while only 54% of horses ...
Alfred Ernest Ind
... Ind was 29 years old, and a Shoeing Smith in X 1 Section Pompoms, Royal Horse Artillery, British Army during the Second Boer War when the following deed took place ... near Tafelkop, Orange River Colony, on 20th December, 1901, Shoeing-Smith A ... Captain Jeffcoat, who was mortally wounded on this, occasion, requested that Shoeing-Smith Ind's gallant conduct in this and in every other action since he joined, the Pompom ...
Cattle Crush - History
... principal use of the crush, in England also known as a trevis, was for the shoeing of oxen ... the crush was a village community resource and is called potro de herrar, or "shoeing frame" ... In France it is called travail à ferrer (plural travails, not travaux) or "shoeing trevis", and was associated with blacksmith shops ...
Asinine - Care - Shoeing
... Donkey hooves are more elastic than those of horses, and do not naturally wear down as fast ... Regular clipping may be required neglect can lead to permanent damage ...

Famous quotes containing the word shoeing:

    His talk was like a spring, which runs
    With rapid change from rocks to roses:
    It slipped from politics to puns,
    It passed from Mahomet to Moses;
    Beginning with the laws which keep
    The planets in their radiant courses,
    And ending with some precept deep
    For dressing eels, or shoeing horses.
    Winthrop Mackworth Praed (1802–1839)