• (adj): Of or relating to the study of meaning and changes of meaning.
    Example: "Semantic analysis"

Some articles on semantic, semantics:

Semantic Warehousing - Practices
... Some hospital implement semantic warehousing for clinical information (SWCI) ... UMLS define semantic knowledge network of medical language ... Semantic warehousing is next stage of digitalized medical information ...
Latent Semantic Indexing
... Latent semantic indexing (LSI) is an indexing and retrieval method that uses a mathematical technique called singular value decomposition (SVD) to identify patterns in the relationships between the terms and ... Called Latent Semantic Indexing because of its ability to correlate semantically related terms that are latent in a collection of text, it was first applied to text at Bell ... The method, also called latent semantic analysis (LSA), uncovers the underlying latent semantic structure in the usage of words in a body of text and how it can be used to extract the meaning of the text in ...
Semantic Intelligence - History
... started to popularize Semantic Intelligence as a term to describe a new generation of information access technology applications based on semantic analysis ... information (such as keyword based systems), semantic intelligence applications focus on the meaning of the texts ... started commercializing years of academic research on semantic technology ...
Semantic Sensor Web - Further Reading
... 'The SSN Ontology of the W3C Semantic Sensor Network Incubator Group.' Journal of Web Semantics, 2012 ... Semantic Sensor Network XG Final Report, W3C Incubator Group Report (2011) Amit Sheth, Cory Henson, and Satya Sahoo, "Semantic Sensor Web," IEEE Internet. 78-83 Manfred Hauswirth and Stefan Decker, "Semantic Reality - Connecting the Real and the Virtual World," Microsoft SemGrail Workshop, Redmond, Washington, June 21–22, 2007 Cory Henson, Josh ...
Semantic Role Labeling
... Semantic role labeling, sometimes also called shallow semantic parsing, is a task in natural language processing consisting of the detection of the semantic arguments associated with the predicate or verb of a ... A semantic representation of this sort is at a higher-level of abstraction than a syntax tree ... sentence "The book was sold by Mary to John" has a different syntactic form, but the same semantic roles ...

Famous quotes containing the word semantic:

    Watt’s need of semantic succour was at times so great that he would set to trying names on things, and on himself, almost as a woman hats.
    Samuel Beckett (1906–1989)