• (adj): Reflecting optimism.
    Example: "A rosy future"
    Synonyms: rose-colored
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Rosy Afsari
... Rosy Afsari (c. 1946 – March 9, 2007), also known as Rosy Samad, was an actress in the Bangladeshi film industry ...
Anbulla Rajinikanth - Plot
... Rosy (Meena), is a wheelchair-using cancer patient, who lives in an orphanage along with other orphans ... acts as himself in the movie, visits the orphanage, Rosy also illtreats him, not knowing that he is Rajinikanth ... Rosy's attitude also undergoes a change due to this relationship as she becomes a kind and considerate girl ...
List Of Balto Characters - Other Characters & Allies - Rosy - Rosy's Parents
... Although Rosy liked Balto, her parents feared him ... When Balto returned Rosy's hat, her father pulled her away from Balto and told her that Balto is part wolf and therefore unpredictable ... with the medicine, and the townspeople, including Rosy's parents, now see who he really is and lets him see Rosy after receiving her treatment ...
List Of TVB Series (2009) - Awards
... Television Awards 3 December 2009 ... TVB Anniversary Awards 4 December 2009 Best Drama — Rosy Business Best Actor — Wayne Lai Rosy Business Best Actress Michelle Yim Moonlight Resonance (from 2008) Sheren Tang ... Best Supporting Actress — Susan Tse Rosy Business Most Improved Actor — Ngo Ka-nin Rosy Business, Sweetness in the Salt Most Improved Actress — Aimee Chan ...
Rosy, Poland
... Rosy is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Stoczek Łukowski, within Łuków County, Lublin Voivodeship, in eastern Poland ...

More definitions of "rosy":

  • (adj): Blush colored.
    Synonyms: blushful
  • (adj): Presaging good fortune.
    Example: "Rosy predictions"
    Synonyms: fortunate, hopeful

Famous quotes containing the word rosy:

    While glow the heavens with the last steps of day,
    Far, through their rosy depths, dost thou pursue
    Thy solitary way!
    William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878)

    In that November off Tehuantepec,
    The slopping of the sea grew still one night
    And in the morning summer hued the deck

    And made one think of rosy chocolate
    And gilt umbrellas.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    The country is holy: O bide in that country kind,
    Know the green good,
    Under the prayer wheeling moon in the rosy wood
    Be shielded by chant and flower and gay may you
    Lie in grace.
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)