• (verb): Get or find back; recover the use of.
    Synonyms: recover, find, regain
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Some articles on retrieve, retrieves:

The Great Gambler - Synopsis
... and Vijay both coincidentally are sent to Rome where Vijay is sent to retrieve evidence against underworld don Saxena by his former henchman and Jai is onto a money-making ... distract Vijay and stop him on his mission to retrieve evidence against Saxena ... mistakens Jai for Vijay and Jai is embroiled into killing Saxena's former henchman to retrieve the blueprints of the laser weapon ...
Gun Dog - Method of Work - Retrievers
... retrievers are expected to remain sitting calmly and quietly until sent to retrieve ... Once the shooting has ceased the handler commands the dog to retrieve each bird that has been downed ... This is called a "blind" retrieve ...
Safety Pin or Overhead Arm Spinnerbait - Skirt Options
... same as for in-line spinners, but the body target is rounder and has more action with the similar retrieve or a pause in retrieve ... The skirt also adds resistance, which can enable the user to retrieve the bait slower depending on how many strands are used but again, minimum or maximum speed capability depends on ... meaning the overhead arm and the hook are vertical during the horizontal retrieve ...
Email Box - Access
... An email client retrieves messages from one or more mailboxes ... Popular protocols to retrieve messages are Post Office Protocol a client–server method that is most suitable for reading messages from a single client computer because message are ... Internet Message Access Protocol designed to retrieve messages from multiple clients by allowing remote management of the server mailbox by keeping master copies of messages on the server but ...
Coupon Collector's Problem (generating Function Approach)
... this to, It represents the following sequence of events retrieve the first coupon (no restrictions at this time) retrieve the first coupon some number of times retrieve the second coupon (probability ...

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  • (verb): Of trained dogs.