Some articles on operational:

South African Navy - Maritime Reaction Squadron
... The squadron consists of the following components Operational Boat Division (OBD) with 10 Namacurra-class harbour patrol boats and six Lima-class ...
Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society - Rollingstock - Locomotives
... PRRPS currently has 2 operational steam locomotives, 2 operational diesel locomotives, as well as a diesel railcar available for use ... Class Number Former Operator Wheel arrangement Condition Comments W 916 WAGR 4-8-2 Operational Rebuilt as W 22 W 931 WAGR 4-8-2 Stored W 933 WAGR 4-8-2 Stored ...
Operational Plan
... Operational plan is a term that can be used for Military purposes, see Operation plan or "OPLAN" Business purposes, see Business operations Operational planning, see ...
British Rail Class 47 - Current Mainline Operation
... and freight operations, between 25 and 30 locomotives are operational at any one time on the National network ... Locomotives currently operational are 47790, 47802, 47805, 47810, 47818, 47828, 47832, 47841 and 47853 ... Locomotives currently operational are 47237, 47245, 47270, 47500, 47760, 47786, 47804, 47826, 47851 and 47854, together with three further preserved but mainline registered ...
2nd Corps Of The Army Of The Republic Of Bosnia And Herzegovina - Units
... The 2nd Corps had 8 operational groups 1st Operational Group (Gradacac) 21st Brigade 107th Motorized Brigade "Zmaj od Bosne" (Gradacac) 108th Motorized Brigade (Brcko) 108th HVO Brigade. 1994, Operational Group to 3rd Corps) 207th Brigade 8th Operational Group (Srebrenica) Commander Naser Oric Deputy Commander Fahrudin Alic 180th ...

More definitions of "operational":

  • (adj): Of or intended for or involved in military operations.
  • (adj): Pertaining to a process or series of actions for achieving a result.
    Example: "Operational difficulties"; "they assumed their operational positions"
  • (adj): Being in effect or operation.
    Example: "De facto apartheid is still operational even in the 'new' African nations"- Leslie Marmon Silko
    Synonyms: in operation, operating