Removable may refer to:

  • Removable media, computing/electronic data storage
  • Removable partial denture, dentistry
  • Removable User Identity Module (R-UIM), telecommunication

In mathematical analysis

  • Removable discontinuity
  • Removable set
  • Removable singularity

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Amovibility - Position in Canon Law
... of their offices but the term "amovibility" is generally restricted to office-holders removable at the will of the bishop ... Under the head of removable dignitaries, canonists generally class also vicars-general, archdeacons, and rural deans ... Other canonists seem to maintain for removable rectors practically the same rights as to perpetuity, which are possessed by irremovable ecclesiastics ...
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Removable Media
... In computer storage, removable media refers to storage media which are designed to be removed from the computer without powering the computer off ... Some types of removable media are designed to be read by removable readers and drives ... Zip disks Disk packs Magnetic tapes Paper data storage (punched cards, punched tapes) Some removable media readers and drives are integrated into computers ...
AVCHD - Media - Non-removable Solid-state Memory
... Cons Because recording media is non-removable, the recorded images should be backed up either to a computer with a USB cable to transfer video or (if the camera accepts them) to ... Non-removable media cannot be shared, sent or stored separately of the camcorder ... If damaged or worn out, non-removable media cannot easily be replaced like a memory card ...