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Sy Mon Bootmanager
... to create up to 36 partitions on one single hard drive and up to 20 operating systems can be organized on these partitions ... operate without any operating system present on the hard drive ... Recovery function a sequential scan of the hard drive finds lost partitions ...
September 11 Attacks Advance-knowledge Conspiracy Theories - Insider Trading
... WTC hard drive restoration operation In December 2001 and early 2002, there was extensive media coverage of the efforts by the German data retrieval company Convar ... March 2002 Convar had been able to restore several hundred hard drives from the WTC ... Trading" dated October 18, 2003, said that when asked about the media coverage of the hard drive restoration operation, the "assembled agents expressed no knowledge ...
Digital DJ Licensing - Licensing By Country - Licensing in Canada
... The DJ license available is a combination CDR and Hard Drive license which permits DJs to copy and compress sound recordings to a hard drive (MP3) for use as a professional DJ only ... In addition, the license permits a DJ to have a back-up hard drive prepared and available in the event of a hard drive failure ...
Characters Of Supernatural - Other Characters - Charlie Bradbury
... asks Charlie to decrypt Frank Devereaux's hard drive ... Frank's hard drive has the folders The Feeb, Richard Roman Enterprises, Clones, Known Facts, Monsters, Unsolved Mysteries, March of Dimes, X-Files and two folders titled Misc ... Sam and Dean have tracked the location of the hard drive because it has an inbuilt GPS, and then manage to track Charlie to her apartment ...
Amiga OS 4 - AmigaOS 4 Prominent Features - File Handling
... RAM disk A virtual hard drive, it acts like any other disk, and stores files and data in memory rather than on your actual hard drive ... Assigning devices Instead of assigning drives (devices) a letter or fixed label, each drive can be given a name ... Drives can be given more than one name so the system always knows where things are, if it is the system boot drive it is also known as "Sys" ...

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