Ramus can refer to:

  • A branch (botany)
  • A portion of a bone (from Latin ramus, "branch"), as in the Ramus of the mandible or Superior pubic ramus
  • A nerve ramus such as the Dorsal ramus of spinal nerve
  • Petrus Ramus
  • A taxonomic rank ("branch" in English) intermediate between subkingdom and infrakingdom.

Other articles related to "ramus":

Superior Ramus Of The Ischium
... The superior ramus of the ischium (descending ramus) projects downward and backward from the body and presents for examination three surfaces external, internal, and ... of the Obturator externus below, it is continuous with the inferior ramus in front it is limited by the posterior margin of the obturator foramen ... Posteriorly the ramus forms a large swelling, the tuberosity of the ischium ...
List Of Subjects In Gray's Anatomy: IX. Neurology - The Cranial Nerves (Gray's s195) - The Hypoglossal Nerve (Gray's s207) - Gray's page #916
... Meningeal branches (dural branches) Descending ramus (ramus descendens descendens hypoglossi) ansa hypoglossi Thyrohyoid branch (ramus thyreohyoideus) Muscular ...
Stapedial Branch Of Posterior Auricular Artery - Evolutionary Variation
... splits into the anterior and inferior divisions of the superior ramus and the inferior ramus ... The inferior ramus has been lost in strepsirhines while the stem of the stapedial artery has been reduced in haplorhines ...
Bessan - Local Tourism - Ramus
... The plateau basalt Mountains Ramus is operated at several locations on the town ... At the career of Languedoc, you can still discover a quirk of nature, namely a "pink stone" that must be the way the lava has cast itself ...
Mandibular Fracture - Classification - Location - Ramus
... Ramus fractures are said to involve a region inferiorly bounded by an oblique line extending from the lower third molar (wisdom tooth) region to the posteroinferior attachment of the masseter muscle, and ...