Lateral may refer to:

  • Lateral (anatomy), an anatomical direction
  • Lateral canal, a canal built beside another stream
  • Lateral consonant, an ℓ-like consonant in which air flows along the sides of the tongue
  • Lateral hiring, recruiting that targets employees of another organization
  • Lateral mark, a sea mark used in maritime pilotage to indicate the edge of a channel
  • Lateral pass, a type of pass in American and Canadian football
  • Lateral release, a surgical procedure on the side of a kneecap
  • Lateral release (phonetics), the release of a plosive consonant into a lateral consonant
  • Lateral stability of aircraft during flight
  • Lateral support, a type of physical support to help prevent sideways movement
  • Lateral thinking, the solution of problems through an indirect and creative approach

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Automotive Suspension Design - Vehicle Level Targets
... list would include Maximum steady state lateral acceleration (in understeer mode) Roll stiffness (degrees per g of lateral acceleration) Ride frequencies Lateral load transfer ...
Lateral Epicondyle
... Lateral epicondyle can refer to Lateral epicondyle of the humerus (dorsal epicondyle in birds) Lateral epicondyle of the femur ...
Lateral Nasal Cartilage
... The lateral cartilage (upper lateral cartilage) is situated below the inferior margin of the nasal bone, and is flattened, and triangular in shape ... Where the lateral cartilage meets the greater alar cartilage, the lateral cartilage often curls up, to join with an inward curl of the greater alar cartilage ... That curl of the inferior portion of the lateral cartilage is called its "scroll." ...
Lateral Arcuate Ligament
... The lateral arcuate ligament (also lateral lumbocostal arch) is a ligament under the diaphragm that arches across the upper part of the quadratus lumborum ...