PWM may refer to:

  • PWM (window manager), an X window manager
  • Panzerwurfmine, a type of fin-stabilised shaped charge anti-tank hand grenade used by German Luftwaffe ground troops in World War II
  • Position weight matrix or position-specific scoring matrix, a representation in motifs in biological sequences
  • Portland International Jetport, an airport in Portland, Maine, U.S.
  • Professional Wealth Management, a financial magazine
  • Pulse-width modulation, an efficient way of providing intermediate amounts of electrical power
  • Permanent Way Machine, the British Rail Class 97/6 locomotives
  • Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne, a music publisher, Poland

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British Rail Departmental Locomotives - Western Region Series
... The Western Region of British Rail used a PWM (Permanent Way Machinery) series which incorporated some locomotives ...
PWM Rectifier
... PWM rectifier is an AC to DC power converter, which is implemented using forced commutated power electronic semiconductor switches ... Conventional PWM converters are used for wind turbines that have a permanent-magnet alternator ... Different from diode bridge rectifiers, PWM rectifiers achieve bidirectional power flow ...
Digital Signal Controller - DSC Chips
... Vendor Device Clock Speed (MHz) Flash (kB) PWM channels, resolution, duty cycle Microchip dsPIC30F 30 6–144 4–8 (16 bits, 1 or 16.5 ns depending on part) dsPIC33F 40 12–256 up 18 PWM ...
Professional Wealth Management
... Professional Wealth Management (PWM) is a magazine about European wealth management ... PWM focuses on open and guided architecture and distribution of third party products by institutions across Europe ... It also produces a separate magazine called PWM Asia which focuses on the latest developments in the Asian wealth management industry ...