• (adj): (usually followed by 'of') solicitously caring or mindful.
    Example: "Protective of his reputation"
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Some articles on protective:

Clothing Material
... to environmental hazards and the distinction between clothing and other protective equipment is not always clear-cut examples include space suit, air conditioned clothing, armor, diving ...
Chemically Assisted Degradation Of Polymers - Protection Against Chemically Assisted Degradation
... the polymer material Scavenger Theory the protective layer reacts with the ozone rather than the polymer ... Protective Film Theory the protective layer reacts with the polymer producing a thin film on the polymer surface which is inert and can't be penetrated ... Re-linking Theory the protective layer causes broken double bonds to be reformed ...
LGBT People In Prison - Segregation
... For their own safety, LGBT people in prison are sometimes placed in administrative segregation or protective custody ... is "generally regarded as a factor supporting an inmate's claim to protective custody," homophobia among prison officials and a misperception among ... Another problem is that protective and disciplinary custody are often the same, which means that prisoners in "protective housing" are often held ...
Protective Autoimmunity
... Protective autoimmunity is a condition in which cells of the adaptive immune system contribute to maintenance of the functional integrity of a tissue, or facilitate its repair following an insult ... The term ‘protective autoimmunity’ was coined by Prof ... Most of the studies on the phenomenon of protective autoimmunity were conducted in experimental settings of various CNS pathologies and thus reside within the scientific discipline of neuroimmunology ...
Anti-Victim - Protective Behaviors
... The idea for the Protective Behaviors program was first conceived when Peg Flandreau West went to speak to a group of students about being safe ... Protective behaviours is about asking not telling, and it’s about feeling safe ourselves, as well as helping children keep safe ... — Peg Flandreau West – Founder, Protective Behaviours ...

More definitions of "protective":

  • (adj): Intended or adapted to afford protection of some kind.
    Example: "A protective covering"; "the use of protective masks and equipment"; "protective coatings"; "kept the drunken sailor in protective custody"; "animals with protective coloring"; "protective tariffs"
  • (adj): Showing a care.
    Synonyms: caring

Famous quotes containing the word protective:

    The car has become the carapace, the protective and aggressive shell, of urban and suburban man.
    Marshall McLuhan (1911–1980)

    The Citizens’ Protective League of Denver, founded to “squelch the knocking and blackmailing newspapers in our beautiful but benighted city,” demanded that no news story, editorial, or advertisement unfit for fifteen-year-olds to read should be published, ....
    —Administration in the State of Colo, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    Adolescence is a time when children are supposed to move away from parents who are holding firm and protective behind them. When the parents disconnect, the children have no base to move away from or return to. They aren’t ready to face the world alone. With divorce, adolescents feel abandoned, and they are outraged at that abandonment. They are angry at both parents for letting them down. Often they feel that their parents broke the rules and so now they can too.
    Mary Pipher (20th century)