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1981 NFL Season - Records Set - Baltimore Colts Defense
... they set five dubious defensive records Most Points Allowed, Season, 533 Most Touchdowns Allowed, Season, 68 Most First Downs Allowed Season, 406 Most Yards Allowed, Season, 6,793 Fewest Punt ...
Five-a-side Football - Rules
11-a-side game with the following additions The ball is not allowed to go over "head height" or else the opposition is awarded an indirect free kick ... from regular football it is semi-circular in shape, only the goalkeeper is allowed to touch the ball within it, and he or she is not allowed out ... Goalkeepers are only allowed to roll the ball out to another player ...
Marquess Of Queensberry Rules - Rules
... No wrestling or hugging (clinching) allowed ... he must get up unassisted, 10 seconds to be allowed him to do so, the other man meanwhile to return to his corner, and when the fallen man is on his legs the round is to be ... If one man fails to come to the scratch in the 10 seconds allowed, it shall be in the power of the referee to give his award in favour of the other man ...
... This allowed APL programs running on different hosts to communicate via Shared Variables ... It allowed connection to a host which was not running SHARP APL ... IPSANET allowed for the development of an early yet advanced e-mail service, 666 BOX, which also became a major product for some time, originally hosted on IPSA's system, and later sold ...
Immigration Restriction Act 1901 - Provisions of The Act
... made several exceptions, which automatically allowed certain classes of people to enter Australia ... family members of permitted immigrants, and former residents of Australia were allowed to enter the country ... Prospective immigrants were also allowed to apply for a Certificate of Exemption, issued by the Minister for External Affairs (or a representative) which would exempt a person from the provisions of the ...

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    How much atonement is enough? The bombing must be allowed as at least part-payment: those of our young people who are concerned about the moral problem posed by the Allied air offensive should at least consider the moral problem that would have been posed if the German civilian population had not suffered at all.
    Clive James (b. 1939)

    A full bosom is actually a millstone around a woman’s neck: it endears her to the men who want to make their mammet of her, but she is never allowed to think that their popping eyes actually see her. Her breasts ... are not parts of a person but lures slung around her neck, to be kneaded and twisted like magic putty, or mumbled and mouthed like lolly ices.
    Germaine Greer (b. 1939)

    Basically, I have no place in organized politics. By coming to the British Parliament, I’ve allowed the people to sacrifice me at the top and let go the more effective job I should be doing at the bottom.
    Bernadette Devlin (b. 1947)