Kickboxing (in Japanese キックボクシング kikkubokushingu) is a group of martial arts and stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching, historically developed from Karate, Muay Thai and Western boxing. Kickboxing is often practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or as a contact sport.

Japanese kickboxing originates in the 1960s, with competitions held since the 1960s. American kickboxing originates in the 1970s. Japanese kickboxing developed into K-1 in 1993. Historically, kickboxing can be considered a hybrid martial art formed from the combination of elements of various traditional styles. This approach became increasingly popular since the 1970s, and since the 1990s, kickboxing has contributed to the emergence of mixed martial arts via further hybridization with ground fighting techniques from jujutsu and collegiate wrestling.

There is no single international governing body. International governing bodies include World Association of Kickboxing Organizations, World Kickboxing Association, International Sport Karate Association, International Kickboxing Federation, among others. Consequently there is no single kickboxing world championship, and champion titles are issued by individual promotions, such as K-1, It's Showtime, Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, among others.

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David Dancrade - Titles
... World Championships in Italy 2001 French Kickboxing Champion 2000 W.A.K.O ... Amateur European Championships in Jesolo, Italy -75 kg (Low-Kick) 2000 French Kickboxing Vice Champion (A Class) 1998 French Kickboxing Champion (B Class) ...
Pete Cunningham (kickboxer)
... His professional kickboxing career spanned 18 years, where he became a 7-time, undefeated world champion, and in 1998 became the first inductee into the ISKA Hall of Fame ... Cunningham retired from kickboxing, with a record of 50-0-1 record, 21 KO's, after defeating Dida Diafat (in a rematch) in June 1996, by decision, in Paris, France ... Peter Cunningham authored the definitive kickboxing training manual, "Civilized Warring Fundamental Kickboxing Techniques" (with Robert Mickey) in 1996 ...
Lou Cowell - Kickboxing
... Lou is a fully qualified Reiki Master ... She has also studied boxing, yoga, kickboxing, Thai boxing, and martial arts ...
Marek Piotrowski - Amateur Career
... beginning of 1987 Piotrowski began to focus on kickboxing, in particular full-contact, which was prohibited in Poland at the time ... Later that year he entered and won the Full Contact Kickboxing World Cup '87 in Budapest, Hungary and also won the Polish national kickboxing title ... in 1988 in Poland and Europe, amassing a 17-0 amateur kickboxing record ...