• (adj): Happening or recurring at regular intervals.
    Synonyms: periodical
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Multiple Asynchronous Periodic Polling
... Multiple Asynchronous Periodic Polling (MAPP) is a synchronization method used primarily in Computer Science ... This method is similar to periodic polling ... In MAPP, two or more periodic polling handlers (such as using multiple timers) are applied to form a single aggregate polling scheme ...
Cosec(x) - Properties and Applications - Periodic Functions
... Trigonometric functions also prove to be useful in the study of general periodic functions ... The characteristic wave patterns of periodic functions are useful for modeling recurring phenomena such as sound or light waves ... Under rather general conditions, a periodic function ƒ(x) can be expressed as a sum of sine waves or cosine waves in a Fourier series ...
Cell Lists - Periodic Boundary Conditions - Periodic Wrapping
... creating ghost cells, cell pairs that interact over a periodic boundary can also use a periodic correction vector ... straightforward to implement (the cell pairs need to be identified over the periodic boundaries and the vector needs to be computed/stored) ...
Siegel Disc - Description
... asymptotic behavior for a point is to be a fixed point, or in general a periodic point ... multiplier of the orbit as and this enables us to classify periodic orbits as attracting if superattracting if ), repelling if and indifferent if ... Indifferent periodic orbits split in rationally indifferent and irrationally indifferent, depending on whether for some or for all, respectively ...
Alternative Periodic Tables
... Alternative periodic tables are tabulations of chemical elements differing significantly in their organization from the traditional depiction of the Periodic System ... between the chemical elements are effectively captured by the standard periodic table ...

More definitions of "periodic":

  • (adj): Recurring or reappearing from time to time.
    Example: "Periodic feelings of anxiety"
  • (adj): Recurring at regular intervals.

Famous quotes containing the word periodic:

    It can be demonstrated that the child’s contact with the real world is strengthened by his periodic excursions into fantasy. It becomes easier to tolerate the frustrations of the real world and to accede to the demands of reality if one can restore himself at intervals in a world where the deepest wishes can achieve imaginary gratification.
    Selma H. Fraiberg (20th century)

    But parents can be understanding and accept the more difficult stages as necessary times of growth for the child. Parents can appreciate the fact that these phases are not easy for the child to live through either; rapid growth times are hard on a child. Perhaps it’s a small comfort to know that the harder-to-live-with stages do alternate with the calmer times,so parents can count on getting periodic breaks.
    Saf Lerman (20th century)