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The National List (Hebrew: רשימה ממלכתית‎, Reshima Mamlakhtit), sometimes translated as the State List, was a political party in Israel. Despite being founded by David Ben-Gurion, one of the fathers of the Israeli left, the party is an ancestor of the modern-day Likud, Israel's largest right-wing bloc.

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Ometz (political Party)
... Ometz (Hebrew אומץ‎, Courage), originally Rafi – National List (Hebrew רפ"י – רשימה ממלכתית, Rafi – Reshima Mamlakhtit), then the National List (H ... linked to it, it is considered a separate entity to the National List of the early 1970s ...
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... who are elected for four-year terms based on party lists in a closed list system two general councillors from each of the seven parishes, elected from the list with most votes in ... The parish lists and the national list are independent of one another the same person cannot appear on both the national list and on a parish list, and ... varied in population from 350 to 2,500, this was felt to be significantly imbalanced, and the national list system was introduced for the 1997 elections to counter the disproportionate power held ...
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... The unicameral, 386-member National Assembly (Országgyűlés), the highest organ of state authority, initiates and approves legislation sponsored by the prime minister ... A party had to win at least 5% of the national vote to form a parliamentary faction ... The National Assembly (Országgyűlés) had 386 members, elected for a four year term 176 members in single-seat constituencies, 152 by proportional representation in multi-seat constituencies (using ...
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... Hurvitz, Shoval and Yitzhak Peretz had left Likud to create Rafi – National List on 26 January 1981 ... on 27 May.Peretz then broke away from the other two to recreate the National List ... In 1983 Hurvitz broke away from Telem to establish Rafi - National List, which he later renamed Ometz ...
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