List of Saint Seiya Episode.G Characters


List Of Saint Seiya Episode.G Characters

The Saint Seiya Episode.G manga features a large number of fictional characters, both created by its author, Megumu Okada, and by Masami Kurumada, author of the original Saint Seiya universe in which the story takes place. Episode G acts as a prequel to Kurumada's work and it is set seven years before the events of the first manga, in a fictional universe where the Greek gods cyclically reincarnate into the world to wage war on each other for dominance. Okada takes characters who had played only a supporting role in the original series and puts them in the position of protagonists. The old main characters appear only briefly, in flashforwards of the future.

The protagonists of the story are the Gold Saints, an elite group of twelve warriors devoted to the goddess Athena, whose duty is to protect the Earth from evil and maintain peace and justice. Among them, Leo Aiolia plays the role of main character. The antagonists are the twelve Titans and the primordial god Pontos, a group of ancient gods who escaped from the prison of Tartarus, where they had been confined in since the mythological era. They seek to overthrow the Olympian gods and regain control of the Earth. The Titans are led by Kronos, father of the leader of the Olympian gods, Zeus, and are assisted by an army of Giants and other evil creatures.

Several merchandise items depicting the main characters of Episode G have been released with the limited edition volumes. The sharp differences and similarities between Okada's characters and Kurumada's, however, have been a target of both criticism and praise among critics.

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