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Apophis (アポフィス, Apofisu?) and the army of the Sun God (太陽神軍, Taiyōshin gun?)
Apophis is the evil snake-god of the Sun from the Egyptian pantheon, inside whom Hyperion was sealed. Both the god and his army are revived by Pontos's divine blood. The army is defeated by Aiolos after attacking him with their "Solar Sword" (太陽剣, Taiyōken?) technique in the Egyptian desert. Apophis is later slain by the Saint as Aiolos escorts Miko Hasegawa into an ancient tomb that had been exposed with the completion of the Aswan Dam.
Aries Shion (牡羊座(アリエス)のシオン, Ariesu no Shion?)
Former Aries Saint and master of Mu, he is one of the two survivors of the previous Holy War, along with Dohko. He is also the Pope of Sanctuary, until Saga kills and impersonates him. He appears only briefly as a graceful and powerful Gold Saint in a special chapter, using the fighting technique "Stardust Revolution" to eliminate the last of Hades's soldiers.
Cliff O'Kents (クリフ・オケントス, Kurifu Okentosu?) and Typhon (テュポーン, Tyupōn?)
Typhon is an enormous monster born of Gaia and Tartarus. He is responsible for the 1973 storm that sinks the ship in which young Cliff O'Kents travels. The child is saved by Aiolos, who promptly defeats the giant.
Euryale (エウリュアレ, Euryuare?)
A Gorgon who petrifies and kills the Silver Saint Triangle Noesis. Aiolia goes to Chuang-Yan province to defeat her, but instead he allows that Silver Saint's student, Retsu, to kill the Gorgon himself.
Eurybia (エウリュピア, Euryupia?)
Eurybia is a sea goddess, daughter of Pontos and consort of Kreios. Fearing for the future of the Titans and the consequences of her father's plan, she fruitlessly pleads Kreios to abandon the fight and join her in the depths of the ocean through a giant mirror-like artefact. He refuses. She later feels his death and mourns him.
Hecatonchires (ヘカトンケイル, Hekatonkeiru?)
Giant creatures with fifty heads and two immense arms that can split into a hundred minor ones, the Hecatonchires are children of Uranus and Gaia and therefore siblings of the Titans and the Cyclops. Iapetos summons one during the confrontation in Jamir against Mu to aid him in battle. Their bodies are very resistant: Iapetos uses them in conjunction with the "Khora Temnein", having their arms cross dimensions to reappear in a different place and attack an enemy. The Hecatonchires can use two special fighting techniques: "Hekaton Menis" (百の激怒(ヘカトン・メニス), Hekaton Menisu?, Rage of Hecatonchire) and "Hekaton Molybdaina" (百弾(ヘカトン・モリュブダイナ), Hekaton Moryubudaina?, Lead-strength Hecatonchire).
Hector (ヘクトル, Hekutoru?)
A hero from the past who fought in the Trojan War and was slain by Achilles. He returns to Earth thanks to the influence of Pontos and challenges Milo to battle to erase his defeat from History. In the end, he is defeated by Milo's "Antares".
John Black (ジョン・ブラック, Jon Burakku?) and the Sanctuary renegade
John Black is an American negotiator who is sent to Three Mile Island's nuclear power plant along with Aiolia to deal with a terrorist. The criminal reveals himself to be a former Saint trainee who wants to create a catastrophe large enough that it will require the intervention of a Saint to resolve it, which will allow him to fight a Saint and win a Cloth. He kills John Black as the negotiator tries to protect Aiolia, an event which teaches the young Gold Saint the importance of helping others and gives him the incentive to defeat the renegade.
King Minos (ミノス王, Minosu Ō?) and the Minotaur (ミノタウロス, Minotaurosu?)
Aiolia is assigned to go with his servants Lithos and Galan to find an evil spirit in Crete that had been causing the disappearance of children. While searching in the ruins of Knossos, Aiolia and his servants are attacked by the spirit of King Minos, who commands the Minotaur and is devouring the souls of the abducted children. Aiolia easily defeats Minos and the Minotaur.
Living statue (生きた石像(リビィングスタチュー), Ribīngu sutachū?)
A giant stone statue built by Lithos's father under the Pope's commission. Having died during its construction and refusing to leave his orphan daughter alone, the soul of Lithos's father inhabits the statue, which causes great destruction in a village close to Sanctuary. Aiolia eventually promises him to look after Lithos, putting his soul to rest and allowing the statue to crumble. Jun'ya Miura provided the voice for this character in the Drama CD.
Sea Dragon Kanon (海龍(シードラゴン)のカノン, Shī Doragon no Kanon?)
The twin brother of Saga. He is trapped in the prison of Cape Sounion by his brother when he recognises the darkness inside Saga. He later escapes and reaches the Temple of Poseidon, where he swears revenge against his brother and all Saints of Athena. Telling the god he is one of his Generals, he tries to manipulate Poseidon to rule the Earth himself.

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