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The protagonists of Saint Seiya Episode.G are Athena's Saints. Devoted to the goddess Athena (女神(アテナ), Atena?), they are sworn to defend the Earth from danger and the influence of evil gods. Although Athena's Saints are only human, their use of Cosmo (小宇宙(コスモ), Kosumo?) – the energy of the Big Bang that remains inside every being – gives them superhuman strength and allows them to perform formidable feats. It is said that their fists can rend the sky and their kicks can split the earth. Since their bodies are still as frail as any ordinary man's, however, Athena gifts her Saints with protective armours called Cloths (聖衣(クロス), Kurosu?) which are linked to the constellations. As such, Saints are usually referred to by their guardian constellation and their given name.

There are eighty-eight Saints in total, as many as the constellations, and they are divided into three hierarchic categories according to power: the lowest-ranked are the Bronze Saints, followed by the Silver Saints, then the twelve elite Gold Saints. Cloths also reflect this classification system, being usually divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold Cloths, the latter being the most effective and durable. The home and training ground of the Saints is Sanctuary (聖域(サンクチュアリ), Sankuchuari?), an isolated location in Athens, Greece, that only Saints, apprentices and their servants have access to. Their leader is the representative of the goddess Athena, the Pope (教皇, Kyōkō?).

The concept of the Saints, as well as most of the characters that make up their ranks, was first created by Masami Kurumada. In this manga, it was expanded upon by Megumu Okada to include new characters and develop aspects related to the organisation of Sanctuary that had been left undefined in Saint Seiya.

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