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Flag Date Use Description
1893–present The Sunburst flag, based on the flag of the mythological warriors the Fianna. Blue background with a golden sunburst showing partially in the bottom left corner. Used by nationalists and republicans.
1910s–present The starry plough flag that succeeded the starry plough banner. Used by socialists, nationalists and republicans. White stars on a light blue background.
1932–1933 Historical flag of Fine Gael as well as the Blueshirts paramilitary group that was a faction in Fine Gael. It bore the St. Patrick's Saltire defacing a dark blue background (dark blue being a historical Irish national colour). A red saltire on a blue field.
Flag of a proposed independent Ulster nation. Used by Ulster nationalists. St Andrew's Saltire overlayed with St Patrick's Cross, defaced with a golden six pointed star representing the six counties of Northern Ireland containing the red hand of Ulster.

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