Liner or LINER may refer to:

In line drawing:

  • Eye liner, a type of makeup
  • Liner, a sable brush used by coach painters

In linings:

  • Acoustic liner, a perforated metal sheet used to lower the noise of aircraft engines by the principle of Helmholtz resonance
  • Bin liner, an item used as a protective layer fitted inside of a bin or another object
  • Landfill liner, a membrane placed at the bottom of landfills
  • Liner, an installation of well-drilling casing that does not extend to the surface
  • Release liner is a paper or film used on labels and adhesive tapes to cover the adhesive until ready for use

In transportation:

  • Airliner, a large fixed-wing aircraft for transporting passengers and cargo
  • Ocean liner, a type of modern-day passenger ship
  • Cruise ship, also known as a cruise liner
  • Superliner (passenger ship), an ocean liner over 10,000 gross tons
  • Ship of the line, an archaic term, a type of warship used from the 17th century to the 19th century


  • Liner (baseball), or line drive, a type of batted ball, sharply hit, and on a level trajectory
  • Linerboard, or just liner is a type of paperboard, used in making corrugated fiberboard
  • Low-ionization nuclear emission-line region (LINER), a class of galactic nuclei (also used to refer to galaxies with such nuclei)

Other articles related to "liner":

Shōnan Liner
... The Shōnan Liner (湘南ライナー, Shōnan Rainā?) is a "Home Liner" service for commuters on the Tōkaidō Main Line operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) ... This article also covers the Ohayō Liner Shinjuku (おはようライナー新宿, Ohayō-rainā Shinjuku?) morning and Home Liner Odawara (ホームライナー小田原, Hōmurainā Odawara ...
SS Transylvania (1925)
... HMS Transylvania was a British liner later converted into an armed merchant cruiser, pennant F56 ... The liner had two propellers and could sail at 17 knots ... In September 1939, the liner became an armed merchant cruiser and on 10 August 1940, off Malin Head, Ireland she was torpedoed by the U-56 ...
SS Kroonland - Troopship Duties
... On the morning of 20 May, while the liner steamed toward Liverpool through a heavy fog, a torpedo struck her without exploding ... spotted a submarine bearing down on Kroonland so close alongside the liner that her guns could not be depressed enough to open fire on the raider ... and tried to turn to avoid a collision, she lightly struck the liner's hull and scraped along her side before diving out of sight ...