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Chōshū Five - Voyage To Britain
... on an opium storage ship before dividing into two groups for the long voyage to London ... as deckhands aboard the 1500 ton steamer Pegasus on the voyage to Europe ...
HMS Griper (1813) - Voyage To Greenland and Norway (1823)
... Under the command of Captain Douglas Clavering, she conducted a voyage to Greenland and Spitzbergen, conveying astronomer Edward Sabine who took ... A further note to this voyage occurred on an island later named Clavering Island, where, in August, the expedition made the first and only European contact with ...
Voyage, Voyage - Other Covers
... In 1989, the song was recorded with Russian comic lyrics to the original backing track and unofficially released by the Soviet DJ Sergei Minaev ... It was also covered by the Mexican band Magneto in 1991 with a Spanish version entitled "Vuela Vuela" ...
Kısmetim-1 Incident - Voyage
... Soon after leaving the Port of Karachi, the captain received a radio message saying that the ship's owner Osman Ayanoğlu was ambushed and murdered ... On the way to Port of Ajman before dawn, the captain ordered to pickup goods from a motorboat on high sea, which docked the ship ...
Number-one Hits Of 1987 (Germany)
... It's a Sin" Pet Shop Boys 28 August "Voyage Voyage" Desireless 4 September "Voyage Voyage" Desireless 11 September "Voyage Voyage" Desireless 18 September "Voyage Voyage" Desireless 25 September "Voyage ...

Famous quotes containing the word voyage:

    The world’s a ship on its voyage out, and not a voyage complete; and the pulpit is its prow.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    But where is laid the sailor John
    That so many lands had known,
    Quiet lands or unquiet seas
    Where the Indians trade or Japanese?
    He never found his rest ashore,
    Moping for one voyage more.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    I dare say I am compelled, unconsciously compelled, now to write volume after volume, as in past years I was compelled to go to sea, voyage after voyage. Leaves must follow upon each other as leagues used to follow in the days gone by, on and on to the appointed end, which, being Truth itself, is One—one for all men and for all occupations.
    Joseph Conrad (1857–1924)