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  • Albert Lehman, American Olympic medalist lacrosse player
  • Bruce Lehman (born 1945), American patent lawyer
  • David Lehman (born 1948), American poetry editor
  • Edward E. Lehman (born 1960), American lawyer and managing partner of Lehman, Lee & Xu.
  • Ernest Lehman (1915–2005), American screenwriter
  • Henry Lehman (1822–1855), one of the three founding brothers of the investment bank Lehman Brothers
  • Herbert Henry Lehman, American governor and senator
  • Hughie Lehman (1885–1961), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Irving Lehman (1876–1945), American lawyer and politician from New York. He was Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals from 1940 until his death
  • Jeffrey S. Lehman (born 1956), former president of Cornell University
  • John F. Lehman, American banker
  • Kristin Lehman (born 1970), Canadian actress
  • Manny Lehman, Professor at Middlesex University
  • Manny Lehman, house music DJ and producer
  • Mayer Lehman (1830-1897), one of the three founding brothers of the investment bank Lehman Brothers
  • Michael Lehman, American politician
  • Philip Lehman (1861–1947), American banker
  • Richard Lehman (CIA officer) (1923–2007), joined the Central Intelligence Agency in 1949 and served for 33 years before retiring
  • Robert Lehman (1891–1969), American banker (and son of Philip Lehman)
  • Siegfried Lehman (1892–1958), German-born Israeli educator
  • Tanya Lehman (born 1983), beauty queen, model, and actress from York, Pennsylvania who has competed in the Miss USA pageant
  • Teddy Lehman (born 1981), American football player
  • Tom Lehman (born 1959), American golfer
  • Val Lehman (born 1943), Australian actress
  • William Lehman (Florida politician) (1913–2005), American congressional representative
  • Lehman Engel (1910–1982), American composer and conductor of Broadway musicals, television and film

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