Jiangling may refer to:

  • Jiangling County, in Jingzhou, Hubei, China
  • Jiangling Motors, Chinese automobile manufacturer
  • Jiangling Tractors, a division of Jiangling Motor Company, produces tractors
  • Jiangling Road Station, Hangzhoug Metro

Other articles related to "jiangling":

Emperor Jing Of Western Liang - Reign
... Emperor Wen also reestablished the post of the Commandant of Jiangling (Liang's capital) and posted troops at Jiangling, effectively reasserting control ... Sui had withdrawn troops from Jiangling in 582, giving Emperor Ming more autonomy than before.) Perhaps because of this, Emperor Jing's general Xu Shiwu (許世武) secretly offered to submit to the ... some 200 officials, but as he was departing Jiangling, the people of Jiangling, believing that he would be detained and not be able to return, wept bitterly ...
Battle Of Jiangling
... Battle of Jiangling can refer to two battles in the Three Kingdoms period of China Battle of Jiangling (208) Battle of Jiangling (223) ...
Liu Ji (Tang Dynasty) - Background
... Xi, rose in 617 against the rule of Emperor Yang near Jiangling, claiming to be rebuilding Liang Dynasty, Liu became his subject and served under him as the deputy head of the legislative bureau ... However, before Liu could return to Jiangling, Jiangling came under the attack of the Tang Dynasty general Li Xiaogong, and Xiao was forced to surrender ...
Chang'an Automobile Group - Joint Ventures
... Chang'an Ford Mazda Engine - 2005–present - Produces engines with Mazda Jiangxi Jiangling Co Ltd - 2004–present - With Jiangling Motors - Produces the ...