Zhu or ZHU may refer to:

  • Zhu (surname), common Chinese surnames
  • Zhu Yuanzhang, first emperor of the Ming Dynasty
  • Zhu River, or Pearl River, in southern China
  • Zhu (state), ancient Chinese state, later renamed Zou.
  • Zhu (string instrument), ancient Chinese string instrument
  • Zhu (percussion instrument), ancient Chinese percussion instrument
  • Zhuhai Sanzao Airport - ZHU is the 3 letter IATA code for the airport
  • Zhu languages
  • Houston Air Route Traffic Control Center, known as ZHU

Other articles related to "zhu":

Li Zhongchen - As Official of Zhu Ci's State of Qin/Han
... Chang'an, ready to be deployed to the east to battle four rebellious military governors — Zhu Tao, Wang Wujun, Tian Yue (who had inherited his post from Tian Chengsi), and Li Na ... They supported Zhu Tao's brother Zhu Ci, who had been relieved of his command after Zhu Tao's rebellion, as their leader ... Zhu Ci initially acted as if he was going to calm the situation and then welcome Emperor Dezong back to Chang'an, but was secretly considering taking over as emperor himself ...
Long March (Little) - Refugee Force
... Zhu, who in the battle had minded the northern front, marched his 1,000 troops back up into Jiangxi and over its western ridges into Hunan ... Zhu finally found refuge for his mutineers' regiment with the Yizhang County warlord - though he and fellow communist Chen Yi thought it best to live incognito while here ... In 1928 April Zhu's force had expanded to 10,000 and he marched them into the Jinggang (井冈) stretch of the borderlands, there to join the survivors of Mao's uprising ...
Li Huaixian
... and was assassinated in 768 by his subordinates Zhu Xicai, Zhu Ci, and Zhu Tao ...
Li (Neo-Confucianism)
... It was central to Zhu Xi's integration of Buddhism into Confucianism ... Zhu Xi held that li, together with qi (氣 vital, material force), depend on each other to create structures of nature and matter ... Zhu Xi maintained, however, that his notion is found in I Ching (Book of Changes), a classic source of Chinese philosophy ...
Zhu Kerong
... Zhu Kerong (朱克融) (died 826), formally the Prince of Wuxing (吳興王), was a military governor (Jiedushi) of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty who ...