Some articles on imperatives, imperative:

Mc World - Use As A Pejorative
... According to his writing, there are four imperatives which constitute the MacWorld, which are a market imperative, a resource imperative, an information-technology imperative ... The four imperatives are transnational, transideological, and transcultural ... The contracting idea of McWorld, the Jihad, unlike those four imperatives, stress identity of each community ...
Sotho Parts Of Speech - Interjectives - Imperatives
... Imperatives have neither subjects nor subjectival concords ... The rules for the formation of the singular imperative are as follows Verbs with more than one syllable are used without any modification matha run! Most monosyllabic verbs may either suffix -a ... person negative) All imperatives addressed to the 2nd ...
Categorical Imperative
... The categorical imperative is the central philosophical concept in the moral philosophy of Immanuel Kant ... be summed up in one ultimate commandment of reason, or imperative, from which all duties and obligations derive ... He defined an imperative as any proposition that declares a certain action (or inaction) to be necessary ...
Business Operations - Overview
... Business operations encompasses three fundamental management imperatives that collectively aim to maximize value harvested from business assets (this has often been referred to as "sweating ... The business model of a business describes the means by which the three management imperatives are achieved ...
Imperative Logic - Jørgensen's Dilemma
... It seems that arguments with imperatives can be valid ... Since imperatives are neither true nor false and since they are not proper objects of belief, none of the standard accounts of logical validity apply to arguments containing ... Either arguments containing imperatives can be valid or not ...

Famous quotes containing the word imperatives:

    That a good fit between parental handling and child temperament is vital to help children adapt to the imperatives of their society is a crucial concept that can be applied to other cultures.
    Stella Chess (20th century)

    Coming to terms with the rhythms of women’s lives means coming to terms with life itself, accepting the imperatives of the body rather than the imperatives of an artificial, man-made, perhaps transcendentally beautiful civilization. Emphasis on the male work-rhythm is an emphasis on infinite possibilities; emphasis on the female rhythms is an emphasis on a defined pattern, on limitation.
    Margaret Mead (1901–1978)

    The heavy burden of the growing soul
    Perplexes and offends more, day by day;
    Week by week, offends and perplexes more
    With the imperatives of “is and seems”
    And may and may not, desire and control.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)