Categorical may refer to:

  • Categorical imperative, a concept in philosophy developed by Immanuel Kant
  • Morley's categoricity theorem, a mathematical theorem in model theory
  • Categorical data analysis
  • Categorical distribution, a probability distribution
  • Categorical logic, a branch of category theory within mathematics with notable connections to theoretical computer science
  • Categorical syllogism, a kind of logical argument
  • Categorical proposition, a part of deductive reasoning
  • Categorization
  • Categorical perception
  • Category theory in mathematics
    • Categorical set theory
  • Recursive categorical syntax in linguistics

Other articles related to "categorical":

Categorical Logic
... Categorical logic is a branch of category theory within mathematics, adjacent to mathematical logic but more notable for its connections to theoretical computer science ... In broad terms, categorical logic represents both syntax and semantics by a category, and an interpretation by a functor ... The categorical framework provides a rich conceptual background for logical and type-theoretic constructions ...
Categorical Data
... In statistics, categorical data is a statistical data type consisting of categorical variables, used for observed data whose value is one of a fixed number of nominal categories, or for data that has been ... More specifically, categorical data may derive from either or both of observations made of qualitative data, where the observations are summarised as counts or cross tabulations, or of quantitative data ... Often, purely categorical data are summarised in the form of a contingency table ...
Categorical Grant
... Categorical Grants are grants, issued by the United States Congress, which may be spent only for narrowly-defined purposes ... Categorical grants are the main source of federal aid to state and local government, can only be used for specific purposes and for helping education, or categories of state and local spending ... Categorical grants are distributed either on a formula basis or a project basis ...
Shotgun Argumentation - Formal Fallacies - Formal Syllogistic Fallacies
... from a negative premise (illicit negative) – when a categorical syllogism has a positive conclusion, but at least one negative premise ... Fallacy of exclusive premises – a categorical syllogism that is invalid because both of its premises are negative ... of four terms (quaternio terminorum) – a categorical syllogism that has four terms ...

Famous quotes containing the word categorical:

    We do the same thing to parents that we do to children. We insist that they are some kind of categorical abstraction because they produced a child. They were people before that, and they’re still people in all other areas of their lives. But when it comes to the state of parenthood they are abruptly heir to a whole collection of virtues and feelings that are assigned to them with a fine arbitrary disregard for individuality.
    Leontine Young (20th century)