Some articles on believed:

Henana Of Adiabene - Christological Dispute
... Accordingly, he believed in God's suffering on the Cross, impossible without a union between the two natures, and he accepted the decisions of Ephesus and believed that the term 'mother ... Henana believed that Adam was initially immortal, and that he became mortal through sin ...
Tinker V. Des Moines Independent Community School District - The Court's Decision - Dissents
... Black, who had long believed that disruptive "symbolic speech" was not constitutionally protected, wrote, "While I have always believed that under the First and Fourteenth Amendments neither the State nor the ...
Kinver - Myths
... It is believed this so-called 'Beast of Kinver' was once kept as a pet but was released into the wild when new laws restricting the keeping of wild animals ... This was believed to be the central location for the Witch trials in the area and several women were believed to be hanged for witchcraft and heresy ...
Emilio Mola
... down labour and student subversion as he had crushed tribal rebelion in Morocco." He believed that Jews had masterminded the revolution and must be prevented from doing the same ... He believed this justified Nazism ... He believed in a Jewish-Masonic-Bolshevik contubernio, or conspiracy ...
Scissors - Culture - Superstition
... This is believed to cause bad luck ... North America United States In New Orleans, some believed that putting an open pair of scissors underneath your pillow at night was a sound method ... Eastern Europe It is believed in some Eastern Europe countries that leaving scissors open causes fights and disagreement within a household ...

Famous quotes containing the word believed:

    “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
    Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson] (1832–1898)

    All our civilization had meant nothing. The same culture that had nurtured the kindly enlightened people among whom I had been brought up, carried around with it war. Why should I not have known this? I did know it, but I did not believe it. I believed it as we believe we are going to die. Something that is to happen in some remote time.
    Mary Heaton Vorse (1874–1966)

    [Asked if American women would ever win full suffrage:] Assuredly. I firmly believed at one time that I should live to see that day. I have never for one moment lost faith. It will come but I shall not see it ... it is inevitable.
    Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906)