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California Proposition 71 (2004) - Background
... Human embryonic stem cell research became a public issue in 1998 when two teams of scientists developed "methods for culturing cell lines derived, respectively, from (1) cells taken from the inner cell ... since 1996, Congress has attached to the Health and Human Services appropriations bill (which regulates the funding for the National Institutes of Health) a provision known ... of federal monies to fund "research that destroys or seriously endangers human embryos, or creates them for research purposes" ...
Research History and Developments - Techniques and Conditions For Embryonic Stem Cell Derivation and Culture
... Derivation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells In vitro fertilization generates multiple embryos ... Human embryonic stem cells are derived from these donated embryos that would otherwise be discarded ... the cells that would differentiate into extra-embryonic tissue ...
Stem Cell - Key Research Events
... 1908 The term "stem cell" was proposed for scientific use by the Russian histologist Alexander Maksimov (1874–1928) at congress of hematologic society in Berlin ... It postulated existence of haematopoietic stem cells ... Gopal Das present scientific evidence of adult neurogenesis, ongoing stem cell activity in the brain like André Gernez, their reports contradict ...
Wi Cell
... Research Foundation (WARF) created in 1998 to promote research in human embryonic stem cells ... In 1998, James Thomson was the first researcher to successfully isolate human embryonic stem cells ... WiCell is the owner of six stem cell lines are listed on the National Institute of Health's stem cell registry, which makes them available for federal ...
James Thomson (cell Biologist) - Thomson's Research
... Human embryonic stem cells can divide without limit, and yet maintain the potential to make all the cells of the body ... makes them useful for basic research on the function of the human body, for drug discovery and testing, and as a source of cells and tissues for transplantation medicine ... Lab was the first to report the successful isolation of human embryonic stem cells ...

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