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List Of Hereditary Monarchies
... A hereditary monarchy is the most common style of monarchy and is the form that is used by almost all of the world's existing monarchies ... Under a hereditary monarchy, all the monarchs come from the same family, and the crown is passed down from one member to another member of the family ... The hereditary system has the advantages of stability, continuity and predictability, as well as the internal stabilizing factors of family affection and loyalty ...
... (Sanskrit sena- meaning "army", -pati meaning "lord") was a hereditary title of nobility used in the Maratha Empire ... Ranking under the heir-apparent crown prince and other hereditary princes, the title Senapati most closely resembles a British Duke or German Herzog in rank and function ... Unlike Sardar, Senapati is a primogeniture hereditary title that passes on to the eldest son ...
Singranatore Family - Origins
... Unlike the autonomous or frontier chiefs, the hereditary status of the zamindar class was circumscribed by the Mughal Emperors, and the heir depended to a certain extent on the pleasure of the ... subordinate to The Crown and not act as hereditary lords, but at times family politics was at the heart of naming an heir ... of the old Jagirdars (nobleman), it was Lord Cornwalis who made the distinction hereditary in 1793 ...
Araiyar Sevai - The Performers: Araiyars
... is practiced principally by a few families of hereditary performers, called araiyar ... araiyar sevai is performed and to teach it to non-hereditary performers in order to arrest its decline ... of araiyar sevai, which is a revivalist, modern form with no hereditary connection to traditional araiyar sevai performed at the Srivashnava shrines ...
Aristocracy (class) - United Kingdom
... In the United Kingdom, members of the highest echelon of the aristocracy, the hereditary peers were, until 1999, members of the House of Lords—the upper house of the legislature, the Parliament of the ... However, the Duke of Norfolk, who always serves as Earl Marshal, the hereditary peer who serves as Lord Great Chamberlain (currently the Marquess of Cholmondeley), and a further 90 Representative Hereditary ... Since 1958, non-hereditary "life peers" have been created, who are automatically members of the House of Lords for life with the right to be known by their title ...

More definitions of "hereditary":

  • (adj): Inherited or inheritable by established rules (usually legal rules) of descent.
    Example: "Hereditary monarchy"
    Synonyms: ancestral, patrimonial, transmissible

Famous quotes containing the word hereditary:

    We bring [to government] no hereditary status or gift of infallibility and none follows us from this place.
    Gerald R. Ford (b. 1913)

    People think they have taken quite an extraordinarily bold step forward when they have rid themselves of belief in hereditary monarchy and swear by the democratic republic. In reality, however, the state is nothing but a machine for the oppression of one class by another, and indeed in the democratic republic no less than in the monarchy.
    Friedrich Engels (1820–1895)