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Aristocracy (class) - United Kingdom
... of the highest echelon of the aristocracy, the hereditary peers were, until 1999, members of the House of Lords—the upper house of the legislature, the Parliament of the United ... who always serves as Earl Marshal, the hereditary peer who serves as Lord Great Chamberlain (currently the Marquess of Cholmondeley), and a further 90 ... Since 1958, non-hereditary "life peers" have been created, who are automatically members of the House of Lords for life with the right to be known by their title ...
Christopher Bathurst, 3rd Viscount Bledisloe
... Lord Bledisloe had the distinction of being one of the hereditary peers elected by the other hereditary peers to take a seat in the House of Lords, which ...
List Of Elected Hereditary Peers Under The House Of Lords Act 1999
... This is a list of hereditary peers elected to serve in the House of Lords under the provisions of the House of Lords Act 1999 and the Standing Orders of the House of Lords ... the Marquess of Cholmondeley), all hereditary peers not also created life peers must be elected by other peers ... Peers are either elected to serve as deputy speakers by all sitting members of House of Lords or are elected by one of four party groupings of hereditary peers sitting in the House ...
Orders, Decorations, And Medals Of The United Kingdom - Other Honours and Appointments - Life Peerage
... following a test case (the Wensleydale Peerage Case) which established that non-statutory life peers would not have the right to sit in the House of Lords ... assist appellate law work, without conferring rights on future generations of these early working peers because the future generations might contain no legal experts ... However, its effects were gradual because hereditary peers, and their successors, retained until recently their rights to attend and vote with the life peers ...
Nicholas Trench, 9th Earl Of Clancarty - Membership of House of Lords
... their holders to sit even before the House of Lords Act 1999 removed the majority of the hereditary peers ... right to a seat he was unsuccessful in the election by the Crossbench hereditary peers of 28 of their number to continue to sit after the Act came into force, finishing 37th ... He was an unsuccessful candidate in four by-elections caused by the deaths of sitting hereditary peers, being runner-up on two occasions ...

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    For believe me!—the secret to harvesting the greatest abundance and the greatest enjoyment from existence is this—living dangerously! Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius! Send your ships into uncharted seas! Live at war with your peers and yourselves! Be robbers and conquerors, so long as you cannot be rulers and possessors, you knowing ones! The time will soon be past when you could be content to live hidden in the forests like timid deer.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    We bring [to government] no hereditary status or gift of infallibility and none follows us from this place.
    Gerald R. Ford (b. 1913)