Handball is the name of several different sports:

  • Team handball, a sport in which two teams try to throw the ball into their opponents' goal
    • Beach handball, team handball on the beach
    • Czech handball, an outdoor sport similar to team handball, played in the Czech Republic
    • Field handball, the original outdoor team handball, played at the 1936 Olympics
  • Gaelic handball, a sport similar to squash where players hit the ball with a hand instead of a racquet
    • American handball, a sport derived from Gaelic handball and similar to racquetball where players hit the ball with their hands
      • Chinese handball, a variant of American handball popular on the streets of New York City during the 1960s and 70s
    • Australian handball, similar to the Irish and American versions, with a defined culture and rule set
  • Frisian handball, a game played in Friesland in the northern Netherlands between two teams of three players
  • Four square, also known as downball in Australia, a game played on four squares
  • Handball (New Zealand), a game prominently played in schools in New Zealand and Fiji at recess

Handball may also refer to:

  • Handball (Australian rules football), a legal method of disposing of the ball and an alternative to a footpass
  • Handball (football), an illegal use of arms or hands while playing football (soccer)

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