Georgian may refer to:

Common meanings:

  • Something of, from, or related to Georgia (country)
    • Georgian people
    • Georgian language
    • Georgian alphabet
    • Georgian cuisine
  • Someone from Georgia (U.S. state)
  • The Georgian era of British history (1714–1830)
    • Georgian architecture


  • Georgian Bay, a bay of Lake Huron
  • Georgian Cliff, a cliff on Alexander Island, Antarctica


  • Georgian Airways, the flag carrier of the Republic of Georgia
  • Georgian International Airlines, based in Batumi, Georgia
  • Sky Georgia, formerly Georgian National Airlines, an airline based in Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Air Georgian, an airline based in Ontario, Canada


  • Georgian International Academy, a research and academic institution in Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi
  • Georgian College, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Arts and entertainment:

  • Georgian poets, a group of early 20th century English poets
  • The Georgians (Frank Guarente), an American jazz and dance band of the 1920s
  • The Georgians (Nat Gonella), a British jazz band of the 1930s
  • Georgian Theatre Royal, a theatre and playhouse in Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK

Other uses:

  • Atlanta Georgian, a defunct Hearst-owned newspaper
  • Augusta Georgians, an American minor league baseball team from 1920 to 1921
  • Georgian Mall, a mall in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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... Khinkali (Georgian ხინკალი, Azerbaijani xingəl, Avar ХинкIал, Chechen Хи́нгал, Armenian Խնկալի) is a dumpling which ... In Georgia, this top is called the "kudi" (Georgian ქუდი, hat) or "kuchi" (Georgian კუჭი, belly button) ...
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... Bulchan (Bulčan) or Bluchan (Blučan) was, according to Georgian chronicles, a Khazar general around the year 800 CE ... According to the Georgian sources, Bulchan led the Khazar army in its capture of Tfilis ... As part of the surrender terms a Georgian princess named Shushan was supposed to accompany Bulchan back to the khagan's court and marry the Khazar ruler, but the girl killed herself instead ...
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... The process of the disintegration of the Georgian kingdom had already begun and was close to reach its climax ... troublesome were revolts by the western Georgian nobles and the atabegs of Samtskhe ... to create a separate church for his princedom, but the efforts of the Georgian Catholicos Patriarch David IV prevented the Georgian Orthodox Church from ...
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... In December 1918, Armenia and Georgia engaged in the Georgian–Armenian War 1918, which was a brief military conflict over the disputed border areas in ... facilitated the end of the war, and resulted in the establishment a joint Armeno-Georgian civil administration in the "Lori neutral zone" or the "Shulavera Condominium" ... agency officials began to complain that Georgian officials, who demanded their own share of the provisions, were holding up railway traffic carrying vital supplies of flour and other foodstuffs to Armenia ...