French Guiana Creole

French Guiana Creole

French Guianese Creole is a French-lexified creole language spoken in French Guiana, and to a lesser degree, in Suriname and Guyana. It resembles Antillean Creole, but there are some lexical and grammatical differences between them. Antilleans can generally understand French Guiana Creole, though the notable differences between the créole of French Guiana and the créoles of the Caribbean may cause some instances of confusion. The diffences consist of more French and Brazilian Portuguese influences (due to the proximity of Brazil and Portuguese presence in the country for several years.) There are also words of Amerindian and African origin. There are Guianese communities in Suriname and Guyana who continue to speak French Guiana Creole.

It should not be confused with the Guyanese Creole language, based on English, spoken in nearby Guyana.

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French Guiana Creole - Examples
... French Guiana Creole (IPA) Metropolitan French English Boujou /bonzu/ Bonjour Hello Good day Souplé /suː plɛ/ S'il vous plaît Please Mèsi /mɛsi/ Merci Thank you Mo /mɔ/ Moi, me, je Me, I To /tɔ/ Toi, te ...

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