Fir Filter

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Technical Specifications - Audio
... using Gaussian interpolation Echo 8-tap FIR filter, with up to.24s delay Noise generation The audio subsystem consists of an 8-bit Sony SPC700, a 16-bit DSP ... by mixing input from 8 independent voices and an 8-tap FIR filter typically used for reverberation ... The voice and FIR filter outputs are mixed both for direct output and for future input into the FIR filter ...
Scale Space Implementation - Finite-impulse-response (FIR) Smoothers
... For small scales, a low-order FIR filter may be a better smoothing filter than a recursive filter ... In fact, with infinitesimal t, either this two-zero filter or the two-pole filter with poles at Z = t / 2 and Z = 2 / t can be used as the infinitesimal generator for the discrete ... The FIR filter's zeros can be combined with the recursive filter's poles to make a general high-quality smoothing filter ...
Parks-Mc Clellan Filter Design Algorithm - History of Optimal FIR Filter Design
... In the 1960s, researchers within the field of analog filter design were using the Chebyshev approximation for filter design ... During this time, it was well known that the best filters contain an equiripple characteristic in their frequency response magnitude and the elliptic filter (or ... When the digital filter revolution began in the 1960s, researchers used a bilinear transform to produce infinite impulse response (IIR) digital elliptic filters ...

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