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Five Properties of Privacy Regulation Theory - 2. Desired and Actual Levels of Privacy
... Second, Altman differentiates desired and actual levels of privacy ... Desired level of privacyis the amount required for serving a person’s needs and role requirement ...
Social Transformation - Associational Embracement
... Proactive embracement actively seeking out interactions that represent their desired social identities ... intentionality, it is when individuals consciously direct their actions toward a desired end by immersing in interactive environments that will bring them closer to their "possible selves." This ...
Stigmatic-eligibilic Paraphilia
... are desires whose objects "become eligible" to be desired because of, rather than despite, a stigma which they bear ... Thus, in paedophilia, necrophilia and zoophilia, children, corpses and animals are desired despite being incapable of forming sexual (or, indeed, any) relationships ... attraction to disability, disabled people are desired despite deviating from the physical standard ...
Pascal Photocoagulator - Pascal Method - Pattern Scanning
... applications, a control system applies an electrical current proportional to the desired location of a beam of light to a high speed, sensitive, limited rotation motor called a galvanometer (commonly ... is changed, the scanner quickly steers the laser beam to the desired location ... Closed loop circuits ensure that the desired position is precisely reached ...
Social Transformation - Passing and The Presentation of Self
... In a study by Peter Kaufman of working-class individuals who desired to identify with the middle class, he recognized the following changes in behavior, which could also apply to other forms of social ...

More definitions of "desired":

  • (adj): Wanted intensely.
    Example: "It produced the desired effect"
    Synonyms: craved

Famous quotes containing the word desired:

    And this disease that was Swann’s love had so multiplied, it was so intimately tied to all of Swann’s habits, to all his acts, to his thoughts, to his health, to his sleep, to his life, even to what he desired for his afterlife, his love was so much a part of him that it could not be extracted from him without destroying him entirely: as is said in surgery, his love was inoperable.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    Increasingly in recent times we have come first to identify the remedy that is most agreeable, most convenient, most in accord with major pecuniary or political interest, the one that reflects our available faculty for action; then we move from the remedy so available or desired back to a cause to which that remedy is relevant.
    John Kenneth Galbraith (b. 1908)

    I have desired that all my works and acts may be according to his will.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)