Ernie Awards - Winners - The Elaine — For Women

The Elaine — For Women

  • 1994: Wendy Jones
  • 1995: Blanche d'Alpuget, for saying "I do" to Bob Hawke
  • 1996: Kathryn Greiner
  • 1997: Janet McDonald
  • 1998: Bettina Arndt
  • 1999: Jocelyn Newman, for saying that people have other options if they can't afford childcare.
  • 2000: Miranda Devine
  • 2001: Pru Goward
  • 2002: Bettina Arndt
  • 2003: Sally Loane
  • 2004: Jackie Kelly for saying that no-one in her electorate is interested in university education as "Penrith is pram city"
  • 2005: Colleen McCullough
  • 2006: Danna Vale
  • 2007: Bettina Arndt
  • 2008: Sophie Mirabella
  • 2009: Miranda Devine for: "Decades of androgynous feminism have stamped on chivalry, deriding men who opened doors or stood back for women as being sexist and patronising. It would have been better for women if feminism had appealed to men's better natures."
  • 2010: Alannah Hill (Genevieve Jacobs ABC radio award rescinded by Meredith Burgman)
  • 2011: Pru Goward for attacking the community workers equal pay case, saying they 'failed to make their case' and referred to the 'so-called' wage gap'.

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