Emperor Toba

Emperor Toba (鳥羽天皇, Toba-tennō?, February 24, 1103 – July 20, 1156) was the 74th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

Toba's reign spanned the years from 1107 through 1123.

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Emperor Go-Toba
... Emperor Go-Toba (後鳥羽天皇, Go-Toba-tennō?) (August 6, 1180 – March 28, 1239) was the 82nd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession ... This 12th-century sovereign was named after Emperor Toba, and go- (後), translates literally as "later" and thus, he is sometimes called the "Later Emperor Toba" ... been translated to mean the "second one" and in some older sources, this emperor may be identified as "Toba the Second" or as "Toba II" ...
Emperor Toba - Eras of Toba's Reign
... The years of Toba's reign are more specifically identified by more than one era name or nengō ...
Emperor Daijō - Go-Toba
... Eiji 1, in the 3rd month (1141) The former emperor Toba accepted the tonsure and became a Buddhist monk at the age of 39 years. 1141) In the 18th year of Sutoku-tennō's reign (崇徳天皇18年), the emperor abdicated and the succession (senso) was received by a younger brother, the 8th son of ... Shortly thereafter, Emperor Konoe is said to have acceded to the throne (sokui) ...

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