Emperor Toba - Genealogy


Before his ascension to the Chrysanthemum Throne, his personal name (his imina) was Munehito-shinnō (宗仁親王).

He was the son of Emperor Horikawa. His mother was Empress Dowager Fujiwara no Ishi (藤原苡子)

Toba had three Empresses, some consort ladys and 14 Imperial sons and daughters.

  • 1101–1145 Second Empress (chūgū): Fujiwara no Shōshi/Tamako (藤原璋子), Empress Dowager Taiken (待賢門院), eldest daughter of Fujiwara no Kinzane (藤原公実)
    • 1119–1164 Imperial Prince Akihito (顕仁親王), later Emperor Sutoku,
    • 1122–1133 Imperial Princess Kishi/Yoshiko (禧子内親王) – Western Palace
    • 1124–1129 Imperial Prince Michihito (通仁親王)
    • 1125–1143 Imperial Prince Kimihito (君仁親王)
    • 1126–1189 Imperial Princess Muneko (統子内親王) – Empress Dowager Zyōsai (上西門院)
    • 1127–1192 Imperial Prince Masahito (雅仁親王) – later Emperor Go-Shirakawa
    • 1129–1169 Imperial Prince Motohito? (本仁親王), later became a priest under the name Kakushō (覚性法親王)
  • 1095–1155 Empress (kōgō) Fujiwara no Taishi/Yasuko (藤原泰子), Kaya no In (高陽院), eldest daughter of Fujiwara no Tadazane (藤原忠実)
  • 1117–1160 Empress (kōgō) Fujiwara no Nariko (藤原得子), Empress Dowager Bifuku (美福門院), daughter of Fujiwara no Nagazane (藤原長実); mother of Emperor Konoe.
    • 1135–1148 Imperial Princess Eishi/Toshiko (叡子内親王)
    • 1137–1211 Imperial Princess Akiko (暲子内親王)
    • 1139–1155 Imperial Prince Narihito (体仁親王), later Emperor Konoe
    • 1141–1176 Imperial Princess Shushi/Yoshiko (姝子内親王), empress (chūgū to Emperor Nijō)
  • Court Lady Ki no Ieko (紀家子), Lady of Mino (美濃局), daughter of Ki no Mitsukiyo? (紀光清)
    • 1132–1168 Prince Dōkei (道恵法親王) – Buddhist Priest
    • 1134–1181 Prince Kakukai (覚快法親王) – Buddhist Priest
    • 11??–1195 Aya Gozen (阿夜御前)
  • Lady of Sanjō (三条局), daughter of Fujiwara no Iemasa (藤原家政)
    • 11??–1161 Imperial Princess Kenshi? (妍子内親王) – Yoshida saigū (Imperial Princess serving at Ise Shrine)
  • Lady of Kasuga (春日局), daughter of Tokudaiji Saneyosi (徳大寺実能)
    • 1145–1208 Imperial Princess Shōshi/Nobuko (頌子内親王)
  • Lady of Fujitsubo (藤壺女御), daughter of Tachibana no Toshitsuna (橘俊綱)
    • Shin-yo? (真誉) – Buddhist Priestess
  • Lady of Tosa (土佐局), daughter of Minamoto no Mitsuyasu (源光保)
  • Daughter of Fujiwara no Sanehira (藤原実衡)
    • Takamatsunomiya (高松宮) (apparently no connection with Arisugawa-no-miya, which was originally named Takamatsu-no-miya)
  • Unknown
    • Prince Saichū? (最忠法親王) – Buddhist Priest
    • Imperial Prince Dōka? (道果親王)

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