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The TU/e is commissioner and participant of a number of research schools:

Commissioner Participant
J.F.Schouten School for User System Interaction
J.F.Schouten School for User System Interaction is a research institute of the TU/e dedicated to user interaction with man-made systems (including Human Computer Interaction). The institute maintains research programs and provides a Ph.D program, with a mission to develop and maintain a research program in the area of user-system interaction, and to offer an education program to PhD students who have entered the field.
Netherlands Institute for Catalysis Research (Dutch: Nederlands Instituut voor Onderzoek in de Katalyse) is a virtual research institute focused on catalysis. The institute is virtual, meaning that it doesn't have any physical facilities of its own. Instead, it manages and coordinates the research activities of different catalysis groups at the participating universities. NIOK also provides Ph.D programs in the area of catalytic sciences. NIOK is managed from the University of Utrecht.
Euler Institute for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications is a shared research institute of the Dutch technical universities. It was founded in 1994 in order to promote and organize research programs on a large scale, to support and stimulate young research fellows and to be a natural helpdesk to turn to for solutions to discrete mathematical problems in industry.
Dutch Institute of Systems and Control is an inter-university research institute offering research and Ph.D programs in the area of systems and control theory. DISC is a virtual institute with a board consisting of representatives of all participating universities and an external member, plus a scientific director who is chosen by rotation from the participating universities. The secretarial facilities are hosted by the Delft University of Technology.
Eindhoven Polymer Laboratories do research into polymers and polymer materials. The EPL is distinct from the Dutch Polymer Institute in that it has different focus areas, namely:
  • Complex Molecular Systems
  • Functional Polymers and Devices
  • Multi-scale Modeling and Advanced Characterization

The EPL maintains long-term research programs into all these focus areas and offers Ph.D courses as well.

J.M. Burgercentrum is the Dutch research centre into fluid dynamics.
Institute for Business Engineering and Technology Applications is a cross-university research school focusing on operations management and logistics. Its main focus is on Ph.D education in all areas relating to these fields.
Research School for Process Technology is a virtual, cross-university institute dedicated to strengthening the academic position of process technology in the Netherlands, through coordinated research and education. The key areas of coordinated research are physical transport phenomena, chemical reaction engineering, separation technology, process integration and development and the input of these disciplines in multi-disciplinary projects. The secretarial services of the virtual institute are hosted at the University of Twente.
Center for Plasma Physics and Radiation Technology is a joint research institute of five Dutch universities and research institutions into plasma physics and radiation technologies.
Dutch Research School of Theoretical Physics is a joint research institute of six universities and research organizations into the area of theoretical physics. Its mission is
  • to implement a joint programme of graduate education in theoretical physics that draws upon a dynamic research environment;
  • to maintain and strengthen research in theoretical physics from a broad unifying perspective that exploits the interrelationships between different fields of theory;
  • to strengthen, both in research and graduate education, connections with experimental physics, and other disciplines such as mathematics, computational science, astrophysics, earth science, physical chemistry and the life sciences.
Institute for Programming Research and Algorithms is a cooperative research school involving university education, research and industry work. The IPA's main mission is to provide researches with education in the areas of programming research and algorithms. The institute provides Ph.D programs, does research into a number of key areas and assists industry partners in solving problems.
Research School Integral Design of Structures is a research institute that focuses on all aspects of building: building processes, structural and engineering design and so forth. It is hosted by the Delft University of Technology, with a mission "to generate deeper and broader scientific knowledge in structural design, structural engineering and building processes but also to disseminate that knowledge and stimulate its application".
Graduate School on Engineering Mechanics is a coordinating institute that coordinates research and education in engineering mechanics across the three Dutch technical universities. Its primary aims are to "provide additional education and training for PhD students of the participating institutions and to foster scientific contacts and collaboration".
TRAIL Research School is a research institute dedicated to providing Ph.D programs and doing theoretical and applied research in the areas of mobility, transport, logistics, traffic, infrastructure and transport systems.
The Inter-University Research School on Communication Technologies Basic Research and Applications does research and industrial development of communication technologies and materials. It also provides Ph.D programs in these areas and knowledge transfer to industry.Its mission is to excel in acquisition, transfer and application of knowledge in communication technology by doing high-quality research combined with offering a prestigious post-academic educational program for PhDs and PostDocs.
Netherlands Graduate School for Housing and Urban Research is a cross-university research and educational institute focusing on urban and regional development. It hosts Ph.D programs and research programs for joint research by Ph.D candidates and their supervisors. The institute is hosted by the University of Utrecht and has as its mission "to promote and support urban and regional research of a high international scientific standard in the Netherlands".
The School for Information and Knowledge Systems is a virtual research institute managed from the Delft University of Technology, whose purpose is to coordinate the different research and educational activities among its participants in the area of knowledge systems. The focus areas of SIKS include different types of information systems, human-computer interaction, agent technologies, computational intelligence and data management.
Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics
The Thomas Stieltjes Institute for Mathematics is a joint research institute of six Dutch universities and two mathematical institutes, which carries out research in the areas of Algebra & Geometry, Analysis, Stochastics and Operations research.
The Center for Integrated Manufacturing and Development (Dutch: Centrum voor Integrale Productievernieuwing) is a joint center focusing on product development. The center (which is hosted by the University of Twente) participates in the development of individual products and spans all areas of the product development (including design, process planning, factory floor planning, operations management and handling, assembly, recycling, manufacturing systems, materials and more). It's mission is "he development and transfer of knowledge regarding the integrated approach of technical design and manufacturing of industrial products".
The Posthumus-Institute is an interuniversity research institute for research and graduate training in economic and social history. The institute is hosted by the University of Leiden; its mission is
  • to promote innovative and advanced interdisciplinary research in economic and social history by stimulating joint research programs of the Dutch and Belgian universities and research institutes.
  • to provide graduate training in economic and social history across a broad front through programs on a national scale that meet international standards.
The Laboratory for Quality Software is a cooperative effort of the Eindhoven University of Technology and the Radboud University of Nijmegen to develop and increase the understanding of software with respect to its quality. This is done by focusing on analysis tools and techniques and the industrialization, validation, and application of results of fundamental/strategic technological research. LaQuSo is also a research lab of the Netherlands Institute for Research on ICT and a center of excellence of the 3TU Federation.
The Inter-university Center for Educational Research (Dutch: Interuniversitair Centrum voor Onderwijsonderzoek) is an inter-university research institute dedicated to the understanding of learning processes and development of instruction techniques. Originally founded to provide Ph.D programs in this area, it was later expanded to include research. The ICO is a cooperative effort of thirteen universities, including the Dutch Open University (a "virtual university" for distance learning) and two Belgian universities.

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