Drumming may refer to:

  • the act of playing the drums or other percussion instruments
    • Drummer a musician who plays a drum, drum kit or drums
  • Drumming, a musical composition written by Steve Reich in 1971 for percussion ensemble
  • Drumming (snipe), mechanical sound produced by snipe in the course of aerial courtship displays
  • the rapid, repetitive series of strikes of a woodpecker's bill on a tree or other substrate to establish territory or attract a mate
  • a mating display of animals such as birds, often in connection with a lek (mating arena)

Drumming might also refer to:

  • Drumming out, an informal military ceremony to dishonorably discharge soldiers.

Other articles related to "drumming":

Drumming (snipe)
... Drumming (also called bleating or winnowing) is a sound produced by snipe as part of their courtship display flights ... their 'roding' display flights may be homologous to drumming ... by Gallinago snipes has been variously described as "drumming", "bleating", "throbbing", a "rattle" and an "eerie fluting" ...
Monika Fikerle
... most noted for her "energetic, quirky" drumming style ... Fikerle's drumming style during her early years in Hobart featured a lot of tom work, and used cymbals only to accent the end of the bar, creating a thunderous wall of tribal ... Although Fikerle is best known for her drumming, she has contributed to bands on bass, melodica and piano accordion, and has also featured as a vocalist ...
Adventures Of Power - Plot
... Aunt Joanie (Lynch) and is always shown air-drumming to music, even when at work ... He does his air-drumming at a talent show in a local bar, where his only praise comes from a young boy ... Disappointed, he stumbles upon an ad for an underground air-drumming place about forty miles south of them just across the border in Mexico ...
Ted Kirkpatrick - Drumming Philosophy
... watching, listening, and talking to other drummers, then step outside the drumming world and observe.. ... You may be surprised how much non-drumming factors can influence your playing!" ...