Ensemble may refer to:

  • Musical ensemble
  • Ensemble cast (drama, comedy)
  • Dance ensemble
  • Statistical ensemble (mathematical physics)
    • Quantum statistical mechanics, the study of statistical ensembles of quantum mechanical systems
    • Ensemble (fluid mechanics)
    • Climate ensemble
    • Ensemble forecasting (meteorology)
    • Ensemble average (statistical mechanics)
  • Distribution ensemble or probability ensemble (cryptography)
  • Ensemble learning (statistics and machine learning)
  • Neural ensemble, a population of nervous system cells (or cultured neurons) involved in a particular neural computation
  • DAB ensemble, a group of Digital Audio Broadcasting broadcasters transmitting multiple digital radio channels on a single radio transmission
  • InterSystems Ensemble for integrating different applications

Ensemble may also refer to:

  • Archaeological Roman Ensemble of Mérida, Spain
  • Ensemble Studios, a Microsoft-owned company in the computer and video game industry
  • The Ensemble Theatre, a theatre company in Australia
  • The Ensemble Theatre, a theatre company in Houston, Texas
  • Geoworks Ensemble, a computer operating system.
  • "Ensemble", the annual festival held at Watumull Institute of Electronic Engineering and Computer Technology
  • "Ensemble", the annual conference held at XLRI School of Business and Human Resources, India
  • Ensemble (band), a project of Olivier Alary

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Serenade - Classical/Romantic Eras
... most important and prevalent type of serenade in music history is a work for large instrumental ensemble in multiple movements, related to the divertimento, and mainly being composed in the Classical and Romantic ... the character of the work is lighter than other multiple-movement works for large ensemble (for example the symphony), with tunefulness being more important than thematic development or dramatic ... The most typical ensemble for a serenade was a wind ensemble augmented with basses and violas instrumentalists who could stand, since the works were often performed outdoors ...
Friedrich Goldmann - Life
... Around this time, he worked as a freelance musical assistant at the Berliner Ensemble where he befriended other composers and writers, including Heiner Müller ... Staatsoper, Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik, Ensemble Modern, Arditti Quartet, Komische Oper Berlin, the 20th anniversary celebration of the fall of the ... As a conductor, he worked with several orchestras and ensembles (including Berliner Philharmoniker - (CD Stockhausen, Gruppen, Deutsche Grammophon), Gewandhausorchester Leipzig, Staatskapelle Berlin ...
Gandingan - Uses - Ensemble
... instrument after the kulintang in the kulintang ensemble ... of patterns that were repeated to provide a sonorous foundation to the entire ensemble ...
Sculptural Ensemble Of Constantin Brâncuşi At Târgu Jiu - Ensemble
... Two other pieces constitute the ensemble ... The Ensemble has been inaugurated on 27th October 1938 ... Brâncuși has been "rediscovered" in Romania as a national genius and, consequently, the Ensemble of Târgu Jiu has been restored, after a long period ...