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Common Building Block - Creation
15.4-inch liquid crystal displays (LCDs) 9.5mm and 12.7mm optical disk drives (ODDs) and 2.5-inch hard disk drives (HDDs) ... to standardize components, currently including Hard disk drives Optical disk drives Liquid crystal display panels Battery packs AC/DC power adapters Keyboards ...
History Of IBM - Chronology - 1975–1992: Information Revolution, Rise of Software and PC Industries
... It had 128 kilobytes of memory (expandable to 256 kilobytes), one or two floppy disks and an optional color monitor ... Still, IBM investments and advances in microprocessors, disk drives, network technologies, software applications, and online commerce in the 1980s that set the stage for the emergence of the connected world ... Technologies IBM invented and or commercialized – DRAM, hard disk drives, the PC, electric typewriters – were starting to erode ...
SCSI Connector - Serial SCSI - Connectors On The Drives (Internal)
... Fibre Channel FC-AL disk-drives include a 40-pin SCA-2 connector SSA disk-drives include a "unitized" composite connector SAS disk-drives have an ... This is "form factor compatible" with the connector on SATA disk drives, meaning that a SATA drive may be installed in an SAS drive bay, and the enclosure can use the ... There are keyed parts to the connector on an SAS drive that will prevent it from being inserted into a SATA drive bay ...
Drive Letter Assignment - Common Assignments
... above on a fairly modern Windows based system typically results in the following drive letter assignments A — Floppy disk drives, 3.5" or 5.25", and possibly other types of disk drives, if present ... B — Reserved for a second floppy drive, if present ... C — First hard disk partition ...
Auxiliary Storage Pool
... In IBM's i5/OS operating system, disk drives may be grouped into an auxiliary storage pool (ASP) in order to organize data to limit the impact of storage-device failures and to reduce recovery time ... If a disk failure occurs, only the data in the pool containing the failed unit needs to be recovered ... By default, all disk drives are assigned to pool 1 ...

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