Database Trigger - Triggers in XML Databases

Triggers in XML Databases

An example of implementation of triggers in non-relational database can be Sedna, that provides support for triggers based on XQuery. Triggers in Sedna were designed to be analogous to SQL:2003 triggers, but natively base on XML query and update languages (XPath, XQuery and XML update language).

A trigger in Sedna is set on any nodes of an XML document stored in database. When these nodes are updated, the trigger automatically executes XQuery queries and updates specified in its body. For example, the following trigger cancels person node deletion if there are any open auctions referenced by this person:

CREATE TRIGGER "trigger3" BEFORE DELETE ON doc("auction")/site//person FOR EACH NODE DO { if(exists($WHERE//open_auction/bidder/personref/@person=$OLD/@id)) then ( ) else $OLD; }

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