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Synaesthete (video Game) - Gameplay - Levels
... to one of three "Visions," where each Vision corresponds to a different style of electronic music ... The "Way of the Samurai" vision corresponds to trance, "Synaesthete" to house, and "Like a Child" to hardcore ... Each level corresponds to a song, and one level in each Vision contains a boss encounter ...
List Of Danzan-ryū Techniques
... Each of the Okuden scrolls corresponds to a level of teaching license Shinin-no-Maki was commemorated by the award of the Mokuroku, or catalogue scroll ... Shin'yō-no-Maki corresponds to the fully licensed instructor (Kyoshi) level and is equivalent to fourth- or fifth-degree blackbelt ... This corresponds to the master instructor (Shihan / Professor) level of traditional jujutsu ...
Dedekind Number - Example
... f(x,y) = false that ignores its input values and always returns false corresponds to the empty antichain Ø ... The logical conjunction f(x,y) = x ∧ y corresponds to the antichain { {x,y} } containing the single set {x,y} ... x that ignores its second argument and returns the first argument corresponds to the antichain { {x} } containing the single set {x} The function f(x,y) = y that ignores its first ...
Contact Mechanics - Adhesive Contact Between Elastic Bodies - Carpick-Ogletree-Salmeron (COS) Model
... parameter that is related to by The case corresponds exactly to JKR theory while corresponds to DMT theory ... For intermediate cases the COS model corresponds closely to the Maugis-Dugdale solution for ...
Alternating Polynomial - Characteristic Classes
... In characteristic classes, the Vandermonde polynomial corresponds to the Euler class, and its square (the discriminant) corresponds to the top Pontryagin class ... theory, the fact that the Euler class is an unstable class corresponds to the fact that alternating polynomials (and the Vandermonde polynomial in particular) are unstable ...

Famous quotes containing the word corresponds:

    The ideal and the beautiful are identical; the ideal corresponds to the idea, and beauty to form; hence idea and substance are cognate.
    Victor Hugo (1802–1885)

    In order to feel good about himself, a child must be successful in his own eyes, not just in your eyes. Self-esteem is an inner feeling: Sometimes it corresponds with outer reality, and sometimes it doesn’t.
    Stanley I. Greenspan (20th century)

    In America there are two classes of travel—first class, and with children. Travelling with children corresponds roughly to travelling third-class in Bulgaria. They tell me there is nothing lower in the world than third-class Bulgarian travel.
    Robert Benchley (1889–1945)