Cool refers to a moderately low temperature. Alternatively, cool or COOL may refer to:

  • Cool (aesthetic), an aesthetic of attitude, behavior, and style
  • Cool (African aesthetic), an aesthetic standard in artistic expression and physical appearance
  • Cool (programming language)
  • Country of Origin Labeling, an American food labeling requirement
  • Mr. Cool, a fictional character in the Mr. Men children's book series
  • COOL, a computer language used in the CLIPS tool
  • Cool was the internal name of C#
  • Coastal Ocean Observation Lab, part of the Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
  • A classification of some colors
  • Majesco Entertainment a company traded under the NASDAQ with ticker symbol COOL.

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Famous quotes containing the word cool:

    Hardly had the glow been kindled by some good deed on your part or by some little triumph over your rivals or by a word of praise from your parents or mentors when it would begin to cool and fade leaving you in a very short time as chill and dim as before.
    Samuel Beckett (1906–1989)

    Pale hands, pink-tipped, like Lotus buds that float
    On those cool waters where we used to dwell,
    I would have rather felt you round my throat
    Crushing out life than waving me farewell!
    Laurence Hope (1865–1904)

    A favorite of outdoor alcoholics, connoisseurs and Fundamentalists, these pills turn water into wine. In 10 minutes the most fetid swamp scum in the forest can become modest red, elusive and light on first taste, yet playful—one might say a trifle impudent—on the afterbite. Saves pack space by eliminating need for bulky corkscrew, decanter and bottles. Store pills on their sides in a cool dark place.
    Alfred Gingold, U.S. humorist. Items From Our Catalogue, “Wine Pills,” Avon Books (1982)