Cohn is a common Jewish surname (related to the last name Cohen) and may refer to:

  • Al Cohn
  • Arthur Cohn, Swiss film producer
  • Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Danny Cohn-Bendit)
  • Dan Cohn-Sherbock
  • Edwin J(oseph) Cohn **
  • Ernst Max Cohn (1920–2004), philatelist from Alabama,
  • Ferdinand (Julius) Cohn
  • Gary Cohn (comics), American comic book writer
  • Gustav Cohn
  • Harry Cohn
  • Harvey Cohn, Olympic athlete
  • Joan Cohn (née Joan Perry), the widow of Harry Cohn
  • Joseph Judson Cohn, MGM producer, founder of J.J. Cohn Estate
  • Lawrence H. Cohn, cardiac surgeon and researcher
  • Leopold Cohn (disambiguation)
  • Linda Cohn
  • Marc Cohn
    • Marc Cohn (album)
  • Mathilda Cohn
  • Nik Cohn
  • Norman Cohn
  • Rebecca Cohn, American politician
  • Rebecca Cohn Auditorium
  • Ronald Cohn
  • Roy Cohn
  • Mindy Cohn
  • Gretta Cohn
  • Ruth Cohn, psychotherapist

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Carl J. Shapiro - Bernard Madoff Friendship
... Regulators are looking into a brokerage firm, Cohmad Securities (taken from the names "Cohn" and "Madoff"), which is largely owned by Maurice Cohn (Maurice "Sonny" Cohn) and his daughter ...
Leopold Cohn
... Leopold Cohn may refer to Leopold Cohn (author), German author and philologist Leopold Cohn (Christian clergyman), founder of the Brownsville Mission to the Jews ...
Leonore Annenberg - Early Life and Family
... Leonore Cohn was born into a Jewish family in New York City on February 20, 1918, to Maxwell and Clara Cohn ... upper-class neighborhood of Los Angeles, by her uncle Harry Cohn, the founder of Columbia Pictures ... Harry Cohn's wife, Rose, raised the girls as Christian Scientists ...
Cohn Process
... The Cohn process, developed by Edwin Joseph Cohn, is a series of purification steps with the purpose of extracting albumin from blood plasma ... Cohn's method was gentle enough so the protein retained its biological activity ...