Welles may refer to:

  • Welles (name)
  • Edmund Welles, San Francisco bass clarinet quartet
  • USS Welles (DD-257) United States Navy destroyer
  • USS Welles (DD-628) United States Navy destroyer

Other articles related to "welles":

The Dreamers (unfinished Film) - Aftermath
... Welles never acquired financial backing for this project and a full production of The Dreamers never came to fruition ... Filmmuseum, and it has been made public in several film festivals and retrospectives of Welles' work ... of the footage were included in the documentary Orson Welles The One-Man Band and as a special feature on the Criterion DVD release of Welles' 1973 feature F for Fake ...
Criminal Conversation - Plot
... Sarah Welles, 34, a private school English teacher, is happily married to Assistant District Attorney Michael Welles, Organized Crime, Manhattan ... Michael Welles is chasing suspected Mafia-connected businessman Andrew Faviola, 28, son of jailed don Anthony and himself pushing to establish a new territory by the creation of "moon rock ...
Adaptations Of The War Of The Worlds - 1938 Radio Adaption By Orson Welles
... Wells later met Orson Welles while driving through San Antonio, Texas, after stopping to ask directions and by coincidence happening upon the actor ... Mars, an audio drama released in 2002 based upon the Doctor Who television series that depicts Welles' broadcast as taking place during an actual attempted alien invasion ...
Moby Dick—Rehearsed
... Moby Dick—Rehearsed is a two-act drama by Orson Welles ... Duke of York's Theatre in London, in a production directed by Welles ... The original cast included Welles, Gordon Jackson, Patrick McGoohan and Joan Plowright ...

Famous quotes containing the word welles:

    Crooks aren’t the worst people, just the stupidest. The fleas of the world.
    —Orson Welles (1915–1985)

    Thatcher: You’re too old to call me “Mr. Thatcher,” Charles.
    Charles Foster Kane: You’re too old to be called anything else. You were always too old.
    —Orson Welles (1915–1985)

    Thompson: Nothing particular the matter with him, they tell me, just ...
    Bernstein: Just old age. It’s the only disease, Mr. Thompson, that you don’t look forward to being cured of.
    —Orson Welles (1915–1985)