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Index Of Biology Articles - H
... habitat - HACEK organism - halobacteria - haploid - Hardy-Weinberg principle - heart - Hela cell - helper T cell - Hepadnaviridae - hepatitis B - herbivore - heredity ...
Cell - Society and Religion
... Prison cell, a room used to hold people in prisons Cell, a unit of a clandestine cell system, a penetration-resistant form of a secret or outlawed organization Cell ...
Building Insulation Materials - Spray Foam - Advantages of Closed-cell Over Open-cell Foams
... Open-cell foam is porous, allowing water vapor and liquid water to penetrate the insulation ... Closed-cell foam is non-porous, and not moisture-penetrable, thereby effectively forming a SEMI-permeable vapor barrier ... Check with the local authorities to find out the requirements for your area.) Closed-cell foams are superior insulators ...
Automatic Car Wash
... next arch will often be wraparounds, usually made of a soft cloth, or closed cell foam material ... The triple foam process includes special cleaners as well as some protective paint sealant ... water to remove the grit from previous washes) or a closed cell foam brush, which does not hold dirt or water, thus is far less likely to harm any painted finish ...
... Interphase is the phase of the cell cycle in which the cell spends the majority of its time and performs the majority of its purposes including preparation for cell division ... In preparation for cell division, it increases its size and makes a copy of its DNA, which is made during the S phase ... to be the 'living' phase of the cell, in which the cell obtains nutrients, grows, reads its DNA, and conducts other "normal" cell functions ...

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