Cell Adhesion

Cell adhesion is the binding of a cell to a surface, extracellular matrix or another cell using cell adhesion molecules such as selectins, integrins, and cadherins. Correct cellular adhesion is essential in maintaining multicellular structure. Cellular adhesion can link the cytoplasm of cells and can be involved in signal transduction.

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... vesicle • ruffle • basement membrane • plasma membrane • focal adhesion • integrin complex • external side of plasma membrane • cell surface • intercalated disc ... Integrin family members are membrane receptors involved in cell adhesion and recognition in a variety of processes including embryogenesis, hemostasis, tissue repair, immune ...
Cell Adhesion - Measurement and Applications
... University have developed a test to measure the adhesion of a single cell and potentially determine cellular viability ...
CDH1 (gene)
... protein binding • gamma-catenin binding • cell adhesion molecule binding Cellular component • cytoplasm • endosome • Golgi apparatus • trans-Golgi network • plasma membrane • cell-cell ...
... Cellular component • podosome • nucleus • cytoplasm • plasma membrane • focal adhesioncell projection • perinuclear region of cytoplasm Biological process • transcription, DNA-dependent ... this gene is preferentially expressed in hematopoietic cells and is most homologous to the focal adhesion protein, paxillin ... It may function in cell type-specific signaling by associating with PYK2, a member of focal adhesion kinase family ...
Nectin - Nomenclature Controversy
... necl-1 CADM3 (Cell adhesion molecule 3), TSLL1 (TSLC1-like 1), SynCAM3 (Synaptic cell adhesion molecule 3), IGSF4B (Immunoglobulin super family member 4B) necl-2 CADM1 (Cell ...

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