Calf - Uses of Calves

Uses of Calves

Calf meat for human consumption is called veal; also eaten are calf's brains and calf liver. The hide is used to make calfskin, or tanned into leather and called "Novillo," Spanish for steer. The fourth compartment of the stomach of slaughtered milk-fed calves is the source of rennet. The intestine is used to make Goldbeater's skin, and is the source of Calf Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase (CIP).

Dairy cows can only produce milk after having calved, and so every dairy cow is allowed to produce one calf each year throughout her productive life. On average one of these calves will become a replacement dairy cow, and some of the rest may be reared for beef or veal; however some are effectively produced solely to allow the cow to produce milk.

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